La Mercanti main key objective: Interior Designers for your office space

La Mercanti main key objective: Interior Designers for your office space

La Mercanti is an Italian leading provider of commercial contract office furniture products, specialising in the delivery of high end corporate interiors working with a wide variety of key manufacturing partners, all made in Italy.

Our services don’t begin or stop with supplying the product. Throughout all phases of the project, we provide comprehensive ongoing support to designers and clients. Such support is invaluable and can only be provided by a company with our “real-world” experience, gained through years of involvement in interior design, distribution and installation.

La Mercanti extensive portfolio and expertise of the Italian furniture on the market allows us to simplify and filter product options to our clients to suit their needs. Working alongside designers, we can tailor options and budget for the most demanding of briefs.

La Mercanti provides precise and stylish furnishing solutions to Corporate and Public Clients (banks, offices, congress centres, airports, museums, theatres, healthcare, universities…), Hospitality Industry (hotels, clubs, pubs, restaurants, casinos…), Retail (stores, showrooms, boutiques…), Marine Sector (cruise ships, motor-yachts) and Private Clients (private houses, residences). No matter what type of client we work with, our design makes the client’s identity stand out.

Our expert designers will take the time with you to outline what it is exactly you need to be achieved and will very quickly be able to use their knowledge of our extensive range of office products to help you form a clearer image of what you want at the end, what products can be used and also discuss a time frame and budget with you to make sure everything stays within these perameters.

LaMercanti interior design service
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