Why should I buy from La Mercanti USA?

Why should I buy from La Mercanti USA?

Because we offer the best selection of Italian Design. Because we have been dealing with Italian furnishing and design for over 20 years. All the best, all together in our catalogue which is constantly updated: the best collections by the Italian's most valuable brands and the ones that will be famous in the near future.
La Mercanti always has its best foot forward when designing your luxury contract or office interiors. We’ve partnered with each of best Italian brands to give you access to only the finest designs. Stay tuned and glean some inspiration with help from La Mercanti and make your office interior dreams come true! When designing office environments, La Mercanti unites the interests of the company and its employees. A key factor in activating productivity potential is making it easy for the individual to achieve his or her personal best, and it has been proven that this is much easier in a comfortable environment.
La Mercanti USA offers timeless and sustainable Italian tiles & fine faucets and fixtures too.

7 Reasons for choosing LaMercanti.us:

  • you like made in Italy Design
  • you appreciate exclusive Italian Brands
  • you insist on working with Italian Interior Designers
  • you would like to choose among the latest Italian-made furniture models
  • you wish to buy directly from Italy, at affordable prices
  • you want Italian furniture for your interiors
  • you love everything Beautiful

La Mercanti boasts…

  • 2.000 completed Projects
  • 102 italian Brands represented
  • … the most famous international Designers
  • … the professional service of a 9 specialist team
  • … more than 25 years Experience in the field

What you will miss when the project is over:

  • the impeccable Taste of Silvia C.
  • the Extra Discount from Mirco
  • the non-stop Avalability of Antonio
  • the reassuring Voice of Silvia
  • the Calmness of Laura
  • the creative Punctuality of Raffaella
  • the organized Chaos of Andrea B.
  • the Perfectionism of Marco
  • the Determination of Lucia
  • the Expertise of Giulia

La Mercanti Italy offers a professional single–point-of-contact to our customers and works with you to identify, implement and execute comprehensive Interior Design solutions, at affordable prices.
We offer you a perfect way to embrace the art of the beautiful… Since 1997, we’ve created an emotional, “kaleidoscopic” journey – a whole new shopping experience, an ultimate destination and a reference point for “Made-in-Italy” connoisseurs from all over the world.

Our direct relationship with Italian designers and manufacturers puts our virtual boutique in a rare position to offer unique design collections, which would be difficult to find in traditional showrooms.
More than 2.000 completed projects, 102 italian brands represented: we have earned your trust.

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