Complete and flexible Italian glass partition wall systems

Demountable partitions as innovative architectural elements fine-tuned to interact beautifully or stand alone, in total flexibility. A complete partition wall design, elegant, functional and suitable for all situations: excellent performance, almost complete transparency in the single and double glazed versions, versatile configurations, flexibility of use, the ability of the solid version to divide, articulate and organize space.

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Italian glass partition wall Modulo

glass partition wall
Through its style and creativity, Modulo Italian partition walls confirms its formal and functional value. This executive office features a strongly reflective ...

Citterio glass partition wall system

partition walls
Citterio glass partition wall: transparency and versatility remain unchanged, while privacy levels are increased. The use of double-glazing enables high levels ...

Kristal glass partition wall by Frezza

Kristal Frezza wall
The Kristal partition wall by Frezza is designed to ensure privacy and acoustically comfortable spaces. The aluminium profiles have grooves where can be placed ...

Esedra glass partition wall by Castelli

Esedra Castelli
Esedra glass partition wall is not only a flexible and modular product, but it also ensures high performances in terms of acoustic insulation, fire reaction (Cl...

Luconi glass office partition walls

partition walls Luconi
Luconi Italian partitioning wall is a system that can be double-glazed, single-glazed or solid to cover the wide range of functions required in a modern office ...

Wood-skin 3D cladding surfaces

wood skin
The revolutionary Wood-Skin technology is made possible by the combination of our composite material and the software which allows us to create complex self sta...

Nodoo wood and glass partition walls

Nodoo Office Partitions
Dividing work places with Nodoo partitioning systems means taking into consideration a host of different factors, making these one of the most difficult environ...

Moveable glass partitions walls - Anaunia

Pareti Manovrabili
Moveable glass partitions offer the solution to the most difficult requests from architects to plan innovative offices, or for flexible ways of working in well-...

Nuovo design unit by Halifax Italia

nu ovo halifax
Nuovo by Halifax Italia: a multifunctional design house unit to fit out as you like, thought for the public and residential dimension both indoor and outdoor....