Why should I buy from LaMercanti?

7 Reasons for choosing LaMercanti.us:
- you like made in Italy Design
- you appreciate exclusive Italian Brands
- you insist on working with Italian Interior Designers
- you would like to choose among the latest Italian-made furniture models
- you wish to buy directly from Italy, at affordable prices
- you want Italian furniture for your interiors
- you love everything Beautiful

La Mercanti boasts…
- … 2.000 completed Projects
- … 102 italian Brands represented
- … the most famous international Designers
- … the professional service of a 9 specialist team
- … more than 20 years Experience in the field

What you will miss when the project is over:
- the impeccable Taste of Emanuela
- the Extra Discount from Mirco
- the non-stop Avalability of Antonio
- the reassuring Voice of Silvia
- the Calmness of Laura
- the creative Punctuality of Raffaella
- the organized Chaos of Andrea B.
- the Perfectionism of Marco
- the Determination of Simona

La Mercanti Italy offers a professional single–point-of-contact to our customers and works with you to identify, implement and execute comprehensive Interior Design solutions, at affordable prices.
We offer you a perfect way to embrace the art of the beautiful… Since 1997, we’ve created an emotional, “kaleidoscopic” journey – a whole new shopping experience, an ultimate destination and a reference point for “Made-in-Italy” connoisseurs from all over the world.

Our direct relationship with Italian designers and manufacturers puts our virtual boutique in a rare position to offer unique design collections, which would be difficult to find in traditional showrooms.
More than 2.000 completed projects, 102 italian brands represented: we have earned your trust.