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Codutti is the leading manufacturer of furniture for offices, conference rooms, and executives. Codutti furniture is inspired by innovative research in workspace design: leather executive furniture, wooden finishes that offer a breadth of surface material options, is highly customizable and features a superior fit and finish.

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Contemporary desk One by Codutti

One Codutti
One by Codutti Italy is a overall collection of office furniture that includes bookcases, credenzas and meeting tables. Each furniture is modular and can be com...

iSixty contemporary Italian desk - Codutti

Codutti iSixty
iSixty executive contemporary leather top desk by Codutti: soft rounded shapes, in neutral shades leather, chrome or gold plated profiles, ash wood veneer with ...

Leather design desk Genesis - Codutti

Genesis Codutti
Technological, dynamic, refined. What’s your lifestyle? Aluminium, carbon, leather top. Take your pick! To know of being persuasive, i polish, resolu...

Minos contemporary collection by Codutti

Minos Codutti desk
The bubinga wood in the Minos collection is natural material. Any differences in terms of colour and veining between individual pieces of furniture are theref...

Codutti AlfaOmega - Conference room table

alfa omega meeting Codutti
The topic here is the dream, design, prestigious materials but also atmosphere, emphasis, surroundings. AlfaOmega conference table: at the same time futuristic ...

Leather office desks Alfa Omega by Codutti

Alfa Omega modern desk
AlfaOmega leather office furniture by Codutti: a modern style that reminds an original idea of design; refined and innovative leather finishes to fill a luxury...

Italian design desk Attiva - Codutti

Attiva Codutti
Attiva by Codutti is much more than an executive collection; it is an authentic program with a rich combination of shapes, finishes, colours and materials, maki...